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Application Version Relase date Windows MAC OS X Info
ModeViD 4.3 2020-12-14 Install  Install   
- [VID-758][VID-797] New: Premium function: Image Tools
- [VID-399] New: Depth-Of-Field preview button in Camera Control Panel
- [VID-548] New: Automatic Video mode for selected cameras
- [VID-790] New: Canon drivers Update
- [VID-787] Changed: Translations updated
ModeViD 4.2.2 2020-07-01 Install  Install   
- [VID-719] New: Canon drivers Update (better OSX Catalina support)
- [VID-707] Improved: BGR algorithm operation depends on the device type,
- [VID-698] Improved: BGR support for two different turntables
- [VID-733] Fixed: OSX - Error appearing at the end of video recording
- [VID-736] Fixed: AccessViolation error when renaming a photo in the Preview window
- [VID-720] [VID-724] Fixed: Problem with lights in BGR mode for devices with old communication
ModeViD 4.2.1 2020-04-20 Install  Install   
- [VID-602] Improved: BGR algorithm for the JUMBO and COMBO devices,
- [VID-636] Fixed: Crop + BGR + FS error,
- [VID-697] Fixed: Edit fields for trackbars in Mask Edit window.
ModeViD 4.2.0 2020-03-31 Install  Install   
- [VID-552] New: BGR Mask Edit function in Picture Preview window
- [VID-124] New: Two BGR algorithm modes: "Fast" (one helper picture) and “Standard” (two helper pictures)
- [VID-532][VID-554] New: Choosing Product Type for BGR algorithm
- [VID-600] New: Added support for new COMBO device
- [VID-661] New: Picture file name pattern
- [VID-640] New: Canon drivers update
- [VID-662] Changed: Translations updated
- [VID-534] Changed: New BGR2 algorithm replaces the old BGR one
- [VID-559][VID-612] Changed: Fixes and enhancements of the BGR algorithm
- [VID-627] Changed: H-Detector switch moved from Advanced Settings to BGR tab
- [VID-587] Fixed: Picture Explorer - optimisation and memory leak fixed
ModeViD 4.1.2 2019-12-17 Install  Install   
- [VID-524] New: TIF and BMP support in Picture Browser
- [VID-501] New: PNG support in Video Creator
- [VID-373] Fixed: Application error when on start there is no drive that was used when application was closed
- [VID-451] Fixed: Saving Presets each time they are modified
- [VID-515] Fixed: Picture Editor - BMP as default format on OSX
- [VID-505] Fixed: Picture Editor - no warning when saving to the same file name
- [VID-425] Fixed: PNG support in ModeLooK
- [VID-488] Fixed: Error when stopping Focus Stacking process
- [VID-521] Fixed: Description of BGR error "Product is not detected"
- [VID-549] Fixed: Video Creator - error when editing frames in Picture Editor
- [VID-557] Fixed: config.json support on OSX
ModeViD 4.1.1 2019-11-06 Install  Install   
- [VID-446] New: Quick filters - "Beautify" filter
- [VID-416] New: Canon drivers update
- [VID-432] New: Storing the position of message windows
- [VID-70], [VID-71], [VID-334] New : Add "Do not show again" checkbox to message windows
- [VID-265] Fixed : Sample Picture taken while BGR is active causing the BGR process to start
- [VID-356] Fixed : Wrong Play/Pause icon for 360 presentation
- [VID-481] Fixed : Wrong picture scaling in Picture Preview
- [VID-115] Fixed : Super Focus for Canon 5Ds
- [VID-272] Fixed : Problem exiting Standby Mode on Mac OSX
- [VID-346] Fixed : "Jumping" Liveview after applying Crop
- [VID-376] Fixed : BGR algorithm deals better with invalid White Balance
- [VID-398] Fixed : Canon DS handling
- [VID-426] Fixed : Invisible Preset color button
- [VID-430] Fixed : Handling french characters in directory/picture names
- [VID-437] Fixed : AutoCrop improved
- [VID-74], [VID-360] Fixed : Changes default lights and camera settings
- [VID-253] Fixed : Trial activation link added to Main Menu
- [VID-264] Fixed : PNG support in Picture Editor
- [VID-422] Fixed : EOS 250D, R i RP compatibility
- [VID-434] Fixed : Adding Watermark in Picture Editor causing the background removed by BGR to reappear
- [VID-435], [VID-480] Fixed : Camera Rotation and Rotate Tool not working with Crop on Live View and BGR
- [VID-443] Fixed : "File not found" error appearing sometimes at the beginning of the Super Focus process
- [VID-448] Fixed : Improve thumbnail creation time in Picture Browser
- [VID-462] Fixed : Translations updated
- [VID-487] Fixed : Super Focus process does not finish when stopped by a user or in case of an error
- [VID-492] Fixed : YouTube export not working - SSL libraries missing
- [VID-498] Fixed : General settings tab instead of Camera when running ModeViD first time on OSX
- [VID-499] Fixed : Dark text color on dark background on OSX Catalina dark theme
- [VID-512] Fixed : ModeLooK reading pictures in a bad order from the directory
- [VID-375] Fixed : Picture Editor - changed default background color from black to white
- [VID-424] Fixed : Sometimes exiting Standby mode does not bring back the lights
- [VID-67] Fixed : Keyboard shortcuts not working on OSX
ModeViD 4.1 2019-06-13 Install  Install   
- [VID-138] New: Optimization of the Focus Stacking algorithm working time
- [VID-136] New: Optimization of the BGR2 algorithm working time and quality
- [VID-384] New: Possibility to customize BGR2 algorithm parameters
- [VID-104] New: Only one helper picture for Mode Style and BGR2 algorithm
- [VID-129] New: Allowed dot and comma characters in directory and picture file names
- [VID-146] New: Translations updated
- [VID-85] New: Full Video support in Premium Trial mode
- [VID-328] New: Premium Trial mode limited to 14 days
- [VID-177] Fixed: Top lights were not turned off when taking helper pictures for BGR2 algorithm
- [VID-275] Fixed: Transparent/Fussy switch could not work properly for BGR2 algorithm
- [VID-110] Fixed: Improved non-ASCII characters handling
- [VID-415] Fixed: Error when creating LOGs package
MODEVID 4.0.3 2019-04-09 Install  Install   
- [VID-324] Fixed: Application does not start if installed for user with non ASCII characters in it's account name
- [VID-325] Fixed: Sometimes Log archive is corrupted
- [VID-313] Fixed: ModeLooK - license verification
- [VID-317] Fixed: ModeLooK - full screen not working,
- [VID-318] Fixed: ModeLooK - image gets minimized when moving mouse over controls
- [VID-323] Fixed: Rockey dongle not recognized on new MacBooks
- [VID-322] Fixed: ModeView package preparation and sending speed improved
- [VID-313] Fixed: ModeLooK registration not working
- [VID-278] Fixed: Cannot select rotation angles on OSX
MODEVID 4.0.2 2018-12-05 Install  Install   
- [VID-127] Fixed: ModeLook version
- [VID-128] Fixed: BGR 2 Jumbo v3 version
- [VID-125] New: Support for new device JUMBOv3
- [VID-126] Improved: BGR 2 effectiveness
MODEVID 4.0 2018-10-31 Install  Install   
- [VID-92] New: New BGR 2 beta algorithm
- [VID-94] New: BGR 2 beta toolbar
- [VID-91] New: New method of taking pictures for BGR+FS
- [VID-90] New: Canon drivers update
- [VID-96] Change: improved BGR and ModeStack (FS) error handling
- [VID-95] Change: Mask&Picture toolbar removed
- [VID-93] Changed: Minor improvements to ModeStack (FS) algorithm
- [VID-83] Fixed: Problem with spherical presentation in ModeLook
- [VID-81] Fixed: License window display problem
- [VID-80] Fixed: Not active "play" button after cancelling ModeStack process
- [VID-77] Fixed: Pop up lights level panel problem after changing platform/camera toolbars

MODEVID 3.1.2 2018-09-27 Install  Install   
- [VID-76] Fixed: Problem with opening application set on directory with large number of files inside
- [VID-64] Fixed: Video Creator - error when trying to edit video second time
- [VID-65] Fixed: Error when using Super Focus and BGR together
- [MVD64-00] New: Full 64bit version for Windows i OSX
- [VID-40] New: New UI look and feel and better responsiveness
- [MVD64-64] New: Faster and better version of Super Focus algorithm
- [MVD64-28] New: Nikon 64bit drivers
- [MVD64-28] New: Canon 64bit drivers
MODEVID 3.0.9 2018-07-11 Install  Install   
- [VID-04] New: Reversing Video
- [VID-05] New: Optional delay when taking pictures
- [VID-02], [VID-40] Fixed: Sample Picture functionality
- [VID-03] Fixed: LiveView disappears when displaying Text (TextAndWatermark)
- [VID-33] Fixed: Bad picture numeration for RAW+JPG (Mark 5Ds)
- [VID-34] Fixed: errors in translations
- [VID-41] Fixed: Error when creating video from pictures (Video Creator)
- [VID-42], [VID-38] Fixed: Single picture omitted when applying Multi Operations in Picture Editor
- [VID-43] Fixed: Video Creator - fix the progress info for Bounce effect
- [VID-44] Fixed: Error ":0 invalid integer" in Video Creator
- [VID-48] Fixed: Picture Editor - error after Multioperations (ie. Crop) with Ghost function active

MODEVID 3.0.8 2018-02-28 Install  Install   
- 0004798: New: added support for 10% platform lights intensity
- 0004791: New: Russian language updated
- 0004797: Fixed: MODELooK registration not working on MAC OSX
- 0004786: Fixed: ModeLooK - constant zooming out when moving mouse over the control buttons
- 0004792: Fixed: MODELooK - scaling problems
- 0004790: Fixed: video recording end delay defaulted to 0ms instead of 1000ms
- 0004789: Fixed: checking new application version - link not working

- 0004776: New: Presets Import/Export
- 0004766: New: Possibility to use only selected angles of 360 presentation
- 0004782: New: Optional delay in Video recording ending
- 0004780: New: Video Creator bounce effect function
- 0004668: New: User Interface for BGR function
- 0004767: New: Visual C++ 2015 runtime
- 0004732: Fixed: 2x2+BGR presentation - does not fininsh properly
- 0004788: Fixed: Edit fields background color problem
- 0004525: Fixed: Error when checking application version without Internet connection
- 0004765: Fixed: Increase allowed application runs without Internet connection
- 0004756: Fixed: Picture Editor - problem with transparency presentation
- 0004773: Fixed: BGR error when using JPG+RAW
- 0004779: Fixed: BGR+FS - error when using two steps and Medium/Lower Accuracy
- 0004637: Fixed: No default Preset after first installation
MODEVID 3.0.6 2017-10-11 Install  Install   
- 0004651: Fixed: Removing background around small objects (OSX)
- 0004653: New: new Super Focus algorithm working on Windows and OSX
- 0004651: New: new automatic background removal (BGR) algorithm
- 0004652: New: new Canon SDK 3.7
- 0004650: New: new ModeLooK plugin integration
- 0004751: New: 2xclick in Picture Browser openspicture in the system default viewer
- 0004656: Fixed: license handling when coming from Premium to Basic
- 0003925: Fixed: problem handling diacritic characters in paths
- 0004500: Fixed: "Cannot focus on disabled window" sometimes on application start
- 0004604: Fixed: creating directory already after pressing Start for Platform program, Video Creator and Super Focus
- 0004072: Fixed: sometimes wrong pictures order for Platform program
- 0004376: Fixed: Video Creator does not record the movie to the directory with already existing movie
MODEVID 2.3.1 2017-01-03 Install  Install   
- 0004494: New: Saving Resize parameters in Presets
- 0004090: New: Saving Crop parameters in Presets
- 0004494: New: Mask&Picture presets import/eksport
- 0003136: New: New Extra Feature - water/mirror reflection
- 0004599: New: AutoCropa supports transparency
- 0004617: New: Laser centering
- 0004347: New: TotalGhost added to Picture Editor
- 0004587: Fixed: AutoCrop functionality
- 0004588: Fixed: MODELOOK - pictures quality and generation speed
- 0004592: Fixed: Some generic Extra Features UI improvement
- 0004612: Fixed: SuperFocus - running again on pictures smaller than 3000px
- 0004613: Fixed: Application Beyond License info - wrong mouse pointer
- 0002956: Fixed: Nikon does not correctly set focus in the selected area
- 0004442: Fixed: Disappearing zoom/focus rectangle after taking picture in Zoom
- 0003978: Fixed: Video Creator hangs when sending to YT without user's channel created
- 0004272: Fixed: Wrong CROP area resizing
- 0004609: Fixed: Nikon D610 does not work properly
- 0004478: Fixed: SuperFocus - problem when running on large pictures
MODEVID 2.2 2016-11-02 Install  Install   
- 0004069,
0004593: New: Basic, Premium and Trial versions, Premium license renewal,
- 0004473: New: Mask&Picture and Super Focus can work together,
- 0003673,
0004422: New: LiveView quality adjustment,
- 0004425,
0004484: New: User can set custom Picture Series and Video directory names,
- 0004398: New: Warning about too large picture size can be suppressed,
- 0003753: New: Adjusting picture size to new canvas in Rotate function,
- 0004424: New: Super Focus params can be stored,
- 0004495: New: New Super Focus window layout,
- 0004346: New: Rotate function accuracy improved,
- 0002969: New: Warning about the camera being set to different mode than Manual,
- 0004019,
- 0004577: New: Nikon and Canon drivers updated,
- 0004581,
0004562: New: Preset Groups added,
- 0004420: New: Background Removal Function with Auto Crop,
- 0004575: Fixed: Method of Windows version detecting,
- 0004561: Fixed: Mask&Picture not active for Twister and Twister Mini Platforms,
- 0004600: Fixed: AutoCrop padding enlarged and Free AspectRatio problem,
- 0004586: Fixed: New values of camera settings for Optimal Settings button,
- 0004540: Fixed: Language update when installing new application version,
- 0004488: Fixed: Super Focus errors handling,
- 0004597: Fixed: Super Focus Stop button problem,
- 0004383: Fixed: Generic PictureEditor error message,
- 0004086: Fixed: Antivirus software recognizes application as unsafe,
- 0004497: Fixed: Changing picture name in the Preview Window,
- 0004091: Fixed: Preedit functions disabled in Video mode,
- 0004467: Fixed: Focus Stacking issues with Canon 6D,
- 0004478: Fixed: Focus Stacking error with large resolution images,
- 0004416: Fixed: Improved UI for Platform Light control,
- 0004045: Fixed: Error handling when sending package to ModeView,
- 0004566: Fixed: Support of non-latin letters in Super Focus,
- 0004538: Fixed: Top Presets disabled in Mask&Picture mode,
- 0004092: Fixed: Turning On/Off the Ghost function improved.
MODEVID 2.1.1 2016-10-24 Install  Install   
- 0004066: New: Super Focus (Focus Stacking) - MSWin only!
- 0003494,
0004407: Fixes related to translations
- 0004415: Verified context menu items in Picture Explorer depending on the object type
- 0004405: Message Box after picture series should appear only after all pictures are processed
- 0004316: Fixed Registration form controls usability
- 0004417: Canon drivers updated
- 0004381: AutoFocus disabled when taking mand picture in Mask&Picture mode
- 0004408: Evf_AF mode change disabled when initializing Video recording
- 0004419: Canon - replaced TakePicture command with PressShutterButton for new cameras (np. 750D, 760D)
- 0004162: ModeLooK - registration related fixes
- 0004368: Fixed: Picture Explorera - "Preview" error for video
- 0004418: Picture Editor - registration related fixes
- 0004121: Verified compatibility with Windows 10
- 0004365: Added "Preview" function in Picture Explorer
- 0004409: Improved functionality of "?" buttons
- 0004414: Fixed: AutoCrop takes into account AspectRatio parameter
- 0004322: OSX: handling EdsErrTakePictureCardNg error after camera cable disconnection or video recording